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For years, I have thought about cleaning out and organizing my garage but was overwhelmed by the size of the project. Recognizing my limitations, I hired Nancy and Cindy to help, and it was one of the best investments I've ever made. Not only did they clean out and organize the garage and the laundry room, but they also helped me put on a garage sale. They organized. They merchandized. They helped me with the pricing. They helped to set up, tear down and clean up afterward. They are both so cheery and efficient. Whenever I hit a psychological low, they picked me up and moved me forward, for which I am very grateful. I just cannot say enough nice words about all that they accomplished, and I look forward to having them back for future projects.
Barbara H.
With all the recent Fires and Floods in Colorado we knew we needed to have a current Home Inventory and we needed one NOW. We didn’t have the time to do one ourselves, so we called Your Task Masters. What a find! Cindy and Nancy did a complete home inventory in the matter of a few hours. What a relief for us to know that in case of an emergency we will have a record of our possessions. They were efficient, trustworthy and dependable. I would definitely use them again and would highly recommend Nancy and Cindy.
Del N.
Give yourself a gift; make your next move easy and efficient! Pre-planning where everything would be unpacked and put away, especially the kitchen was a monumental task that Nancy and Cindy handled with ease! They are truly task masters!! What a find!! Moving, down-sizing, unpacking, putting everything in its place...Your Task Masters are amazing!! They love what they do, organizing your move, and you will love the job they do!
Beckie M.
Nancy and Cindy were dependable, always prepared and organized to the hilt! It was so easy to leave things in their capable hands and know without a doubt it would be handled. I can highly recommend Nancy and Cindy for any task that needs to be mastered.
Audrey M.
Cindy is the quintessential organizer and she does it in a winsome and efficient way. She made organizing my new home fun AND practical. What is hard for others seems to be effortless for Cindy! I highly recommend Cindy and Nancy.
Jaynee H.
I called Nancy to organize my kitchen and dining area. Within minutes she had a vision of what to do with the space. Her organizational skill and attention to detail made the task at hand enjoyable. Nancy is full of energy and very easy to work with.
Jill S.
Absolutely the best, a necessity to making our 3 children's weddings the successes we envisioned!! Nancy's attention to detail, orchestrating the wedding/reception planning to the entire wedding day was impeccable! She made it her responsibility to know the wedding party and what they would need the day of the wedding, the florist, the venue manager, the DJ, the caterer, the photographer and videographers, and provided day of time charts for all. It's so obvious Nancy loves what she does, her compassion for her clients her penchant to achieve what they desire, all done in the background of the big event! I will gladly use Nancy's company for future organizational needs!
Beckie M.
As a custom designer, I am continually dealing with volumes and volumes of design samples that overtake my offices. This overabundance of Items gives my staff the feeling of “disarray”. While the items are required in order to run the design business, the lack of organization has been a problem. Enter Cindy Hazlehurst. Due to her ability to organize my samples and sales items, and then to catalog them in spreadsheets, I can quickly and easily locate a specific sample among the hundreds of options.
Shelley B.
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